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Dundee Dramatic Society was formed in 1924 and has been at its present location at the foot of the Hilltown since 1936. If you would like to join Dundee Dramatic Society please click on the New Members tab, or call 01382 225 835 during our rehearsal nights Tuesday and Friday from 7pm.

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Our next production is the fabulous "Yes, Prime Minster"

It may seem surprising but Jim Hacker is now Prime Minister. Of course his Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley is on hand to help him and Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby is always present to oversee absolutely everything.

It's not going to be plain sailing for our PM with a Cabinet split, a fluctuating Footsie and dreadful unemployment figures.

Stormy waters lie ahead, will his premiership survive? To find out, make sure you have a seat here in the house in March

Dundee Dramatic Society's Little Theatre is available for hire.

We have a 100 seat auditorium with bar and coffee bar facilities to accommodate around 30. If you would like to hire our Theatre, please call us on Dundee 225 835 any Tuesday or Friday evening from 7pm.

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